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COVID-19 Guidance: Practical Ways for Providers to Protect their Employees and Business - Shared screen with speaker view
diane edelstein
When you say FFCRA applies to all NPO do you mean NPO with greater than 500 employees?
FFCRA applies to all employers (public, private and non-profit) with fewer than 500 employees.
Deb Kunsch
Can you require employee's to submit documentation to qualify for this emergency paid sick leave act?
Can you elaborate on eligibility? Are staff in long term care facilities or community care for individuals receiving services considered essential personnel and exempt? And if so, are all employees of such an agency exempt? Or just direct care?
Allison Daniels
Are agencies required to provide information about FFCRA to all employees?
Similar to question from dostrofsky. Are DSP's considered health care workers and, therefore,exempt from FFCRA? My company is a provider of residential services to those with intellectual disabilities.
I would love to hear a repeat of use of PTO when work is not available or hours are cut
Alexandra Calabrese
If employee is out for childcare, would they qualify for first 2 weeks through paid sick leave at 2/3 pay and then it would fall into expanded FMLA for remaining 10 weeks at 2/3rds? So essentially they are getting 2/3rds for entire 12 weeks?
Lisa Mathis
PAR and other provider associations have asked Governor Wolf to declare our DSPs as Essential Healthcare Workers. We hope to hear a response from the governor soon. So far, we have only conversations and no decision.
Wendy Kraemer
Deb Kunsch
With schools closed by the governor for the rest of the year is there any chance that our staff/DSP can be exempt from this act? Has there been discussion with his office since this will greatly impact health and safety operations.
Any questions asked via chat box will receive a response. If we run out of time (a possibility), we will prepare for circulation to all attendees a written response to all questions presented.
If we are judged to be exempt as essential personnel, does that exempt us from all requirements, including poster requirements?
If DSP's are not considered health care workers at this point in time, if a DSP employee is off with symptoms & seeking medical diagnosis, should we give the employee the 10 days of National Sick Leave. If we do and then Gov Wolf later decides DSP's are exempt, would the employee be required to pay the sick time back to the company?
The narrative is getting harder and harder to hear.
Mary Anne Haschert
Is an organization permitted to suspend retirement contributions due to its own financial stress at this time. Secondly, is an organization permitted to temporarily suspend the contribution, accruing the expense to a later time.